A downloadable game

Air Bomber is a 2D downwards side-scroller where you drop bombs on enemies below before progressing downwards. If you try to pass any enemies, you die. Checkpoints are included. Also, watch the timer!

I made this game in a 3-person group for the VGDC club at UCI in the Winter 2017 Quarter. It was the first game I finished without tutorial. I did the programming, one person did the art, and one person new to game dev. helped test. A fourth person couldn't make it to any of the Saturday meetings, but he still tested it. (He was the first person to beat my levels, when they had less health.)

The game is short, but it was a surprising amount of work! I never expected that. I enjoyed working in a group. Our artist did the music too. That was impressive. Looking back at it, I would've lowered the scope so that our third member could try out game dev. He was fine with testing though. I don't want to do game dev. as a career now, just as a hobby, but I still think it's pretty cool. : )

Install instructions

The download only works on Windows. It's one .zip file. Extract/copy the folder and 2 files to your computer. Then run the .exe.


Air Bomber .zip 16 MB